a principled venture studio for
impact-driven entrepreneurship.
Our mission
Empower entrepreneurs to build businesses with a net positive impact.
Our vision
A more sustainable & equitable world through entrepreneurship.
OUR approach
Our data-driven approach and principled thinking lowers the barrier-to-entry, ensuring long-term financial benefits and autonomy from the corporate grind.
We prioritize long-term growth over short-term gains, ensuring that the businesses we build have a lasting impact on the world at large.
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Our Ten Tenets
① Purpose Built

There is always a “why” to the work we do, and there is always work to be done.

Build with Purpose

There is always a "why" to the work we do, and there is always work to be done.

How we

How we build

② Retro Roots

Bringing entrepreneurship back to its roots, we focus on sustainable cash flows to avoid the trap of dilution and exit.

③ Infinite Horizons

Prioritizing long-term impact over short-term gains, we think big, start small, but iterate and scale fast.

④ Principled Blueprints

Challenging industry assumptions, we start with fundamental principles and build with data.

How we Think

⑤ Impact Imperative

Balancing impact and margins, we only start businesses with significance and net positive impact.

⑥ Bold Humility 

Cultivating a humble mindset, we set egos aside to identify undervalued opportunities — pursuing them with audacious grit.

⑦ Thoughtful Transparency

Welcoming feedback and being sternly candid, we continuously challenge our assumptions, biases, and blind spots.

How we operate

⑧ Grounded Autonomy

Creating responsibility and accountability, we set mission-centered objectives to drive results throughout our organizations.

⑨ People-centric obsession

Focusing on the success of “people”, meaning customers and fellow tenet-ers, we serve and support instead of competing or managing.

⑩ Dedicated Do-ers

Showing up daily, we take ownership and initiative because ambitious talent without consistency does not get far.