a principled venture studio for
impact-driven entrepreneurship.
Our mission
Empowering entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses with a net positive impact.
Our vision
A world where entrepreneurship is the solution to the world's toughest challenges.
What to Expect
We are actively searching for talent. Want to run a startup as a co-founder but don't have an idea or funding? You've come to the right place.

At Tenet Ventures, we empower entrepreneurs to build impactful, profitable startups addressing critical social issues. We focus on ventures with a clear path to profitability while solving significant societal challenges, particularly in developing economies. By hiring C-level founders on payroll with minority equity stakes, we ensure strong leadership and commitment.

Join us to drive sustainable growth and create meaningful change through principled, data-driven entrepreneurship. Let's build a better future together.
OUR approach
Are you ready to move beyond tactical tasks and make a significant impact? At Tenet Ventures, we offer a platform where you can drive change and shape a company according to your vision. Lead a business from the ground up with purpose, creating a lasting legacy of positive change. Join us to transform your career and achieve true impact.
Take the first leap with our data-driven approach, de-risking your entrepreneurial journey. We present you with a vetted business idea to run, with 'skin in the game', while reducing your downside. Break free from the corporate grind and shape your future with autonomy and impact through our innovative support.
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Our Ten Tenets
① Purpose Built

There is always a “why” to the work we do, and there is always work to be done.

Build with Purpose

There is always a "why" to the work we do, and there is always work to be done.

How we

How we build

② Retro Roots

Bringing entrepreneurship back to its roots, we focus on sustainable cash flows to avoid the trap of dilution and exit.

③ Infinite Horizons

Prioritizing long-term impact over short-term gains, we think big, start small, but iterate and scale fast.

④ Principled Blueprints

Challenging industry assumptions, we start with fundamental principles and build with data.

How we Think

⑤ Impact Imperative

Balancing impact and margins, we only start businesses with significance and net positive impact.

⑥ Bold Humility 

Cultivating a humble mindset, we set egos aside to identify undervalued opportunities — pursuing them with audacious grit.

⑦ Thoughtful Transparency

Welcoming feedback and being sternly candid, we continuously challenge our assumptions, biases, and blind spots.

How we operate

⑧ Grounded Autonomy

Creating responsibility and accountability, we set mission-centered objectives to drive results throughout our organizations.

⑨ People-centric obsession

Focusing on the success of “people”, meaning customers and fellow tenet-ers, we serve and support instead of competing or managing.

⑩ Dedicated Do-ers

Showing up daily, we take ownership and initiative because ambitious talent without consistency does not get far.